Monday, July 30, 2007

CAIR plans to continue suing "John Does" reporting possible terrorist activities.

Our good friends at the Council of American Islamic Relations has decided they will continue to sue “John Does” that report suspicious activities they believe might be connected to a potential act of Islamic terrorism.

CAIR started this act of suing “John Does” after passengers on an airplane in Minneapolis reported suspicious activities of six Imams. The six Imams were removed from the plane.

That incident brought legislation from republicans in Congress to propose legislation that would protect “whistle blowers” from legal action. Democrats recently voted against and killed the bill.
Well it would seem this week the Democrats have all of a sudden had a change of heart and decided to include what is being dubbed as the “John Doe” provision in the Homeland Security bill. This provision, should it become law, would protect individuals who report suspicious activities from harassing lawsuits from organizations like CAIR.

CAIR has announced the organization will support anyone who wants to sue “John Does.”

They plan on launching this campaign against vigilant Americans by using something called “good faith” loopholes. You can still sue “John Does” if their reporting is found to not be in “good faith.” Here is the best part, It is up to the court to determine the question of “good faith.”

CAIR understands they can’t win these lawsuits, but winning them is not their goal. Their goal is harassment. They want you to understand that if you report anything you think to be suspicious, and if that report puts a spotlight on a Muslim, you may face a lawsuit. You might defeat the lawsuit, but you will have to pay for a lawyer and no doubt lose time from work.

CAIR knows the cost associated with facing a lawsuit will cause many Americans to keep their mouths shut, even when something doesn’t seem quite right. Here is a perfect example of why we should have a loser pays legal system.

A “John Doe” who witnessed suspicious activity spoiled the Fort Dix terror plot. Imagine how that could have turned out differently had he not reported it in fear of a possible lawsuit.

Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs has a clip from CAIR spokesperson Ibrahim Hooper on MSNBC’s Tucker Carlson.

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