Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Fighting Terrorism In The Senate.

Democrats forced a vote yesterday in the senate trying to force President Bush to set a timetable for the withdawal from Iraq. In other words they are ready to surrender.

Why is it so hard for these Democrats to understand that we already have a withdrawal plan, it is called finishing the job, victory.

A time limit only helps the enemy. The insurgents would be able to pull back their forces, and just wait the coalition troops out. As the withdrawal date approached the insurgents would prepare for their assault on the institutions and people of Iraq. In short order Iraq would be under the control of Islamic jihadists and would become virtual headquarters for Islamic terrorism around the world.

But don't take my word for it. Democrat Senator Joe Lieberman said said, that the action "would discourage our troops, encourage the terrorists and confuse the Iraqis." He is right. At least their is one democrat left that is not blinded by their hatred for President Bush and can see the light.

So yesterday part of the battle in the war on terror was fought in the US Senate and thanks to the Republicans the terrorists lost.

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