Thursday, November 10, 2005

More Violent Islamic Attacks. This Time In Jordan

If you watch the news today you will be greeted by report after report about another Muslim homicide bombings this time in Jordan and will be told that that our policy in Iraq and President Bush is s to blame for all the troubles in the world. After all he created muslim terrorism by invading Iraq!

Here is what I have seen so far from the media this week.

1. These muslim murderers are not responsible for their actions they are just responding to the Iraq occupation and being oppressed. Why let's not even call them Muslims! You see this at work in France. All those rioters are youths not muslim and they are rioting because France just hasn't assimilated those poor "disadvantaged" youths.

2. It's George W. Bush's fault. Anytime a Muslim anywhere in the world performs a violent act against another human being, it's Bush's know, because we're in Iraq. If we would have stayed out of Iraq none of this would be happeneing.

These attacks have nothing to do with Iraq. These Islamic murderers did not commit these attacks because of Iraq, but because they hate all non-believers. To the fundamentalist Muslims, if you do not worship Allah, you must be either converted, subjugated or killed.

We weren't in Iraq on September 11, 2001...yet the Islamic terrorists still struck. What was their excuse then?

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