Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Public Support For The Iraq War Continues To Drop.

The latest gallup polls shows public support for the war continues to decline. Only 35% support Bush's handling of the war and 54% believe the war was a mistake. It seems that support for the war in Iraq has fallen faster than did public support for the Vietnam and Korean wars.

You know something, I have been reading "1776" by David McCulluogh, Almost finished with it. It is such a great book. It should be required reading in schools I believe. It shows in graphic detail just what we had to endure durring the revolutionary war to win our independence. I am not sure that we would have what it takes today if we had to do it again.

Anyways, There is one historic fact that I learned reading this. The Revolutionary War began in 1776 and lasted until 1783. In those seven years, there was not one period of time, not a month, not a week, or a day that the majority of the colonists were in favor of that war. But we sure are glad that they fought it anyways aren't we. What about the Democrats of today? Would they have urged that we give up on that fight? Where the loyalists back then the Democrats of today?

We have seen what happens when a president conducts foreign policy according to what the polls say. We may not be in the situation we are in if the first President Bush had taken Saddam out in 1991. We may not be in the situation we are in if the Clinton Administration had taken action.

We will continue to fight the war and we will win the war. Future generations will thank us for staying the course and giving them the freedom to live from the fear of islamic terrorism.

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