Monday, November 07, 2005

When Will The World Realize This Is WW IV?

It was the 11th night of rioting and attacks in and around Paris last night. Turn on almost any broadcast or cable newscast and you'll hear all about it. Thousands of busses and cars have been burned. Police are being shot at. Paramedics are being attacked. By who? By Muslims even though the news media keeps referring to them as "youths." Every now and then you will hear the occasional newscaster actually call them Muslim but not very often. French police have discovered a bomb-making factory in Paris. The Muslim rioters are chanting "It's Baghdad here." France, once again, is under attack and doesn't seem to know how to respond. Paris, home to those who condemned America for removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq, is under siege, by Muslim jihadists, by the very people France tried so hard to protect and appease. Proving once again that appeasing evil is never a good move.

France, in case you didn't know, is home to Europe's largest Muslim community. Sixty million French, and about 10% or about 6 million of them are Muslims. Also, isn't it interesting that France has the third largest Jewish population in the world as well. For the past five years these Muslims in France have been confining their attacks to synagogues, Jewish schools and other symbols of Judaism. Officials didn't seem to get all that worked up over the attacks as long as Jews and Jewish institutions were the target. Now the attacks have spread beyond Jewish targets. How many towns are under attack in France now? 274 reported attacks last night alone.

This isn't the first time that France has been under attack by Muslims. It happened before. It happened in 732. The French (amazingly) turned them back. If they hadn't, the entire history of the Western world might be very much different today. If you want the details, Read Mark Steyn's column.. "Wake up, Europe, you've a war on your hands" in the Chicago Sun-Times

It's not just France. These Muslims are attacking cruise ships off the African coast. Of course we heard all weekend long that "pirates" attacked a cruise ship chock full of Americans off the coast of Somalia last week. Funny how the media didn't identify Somalia as a Al Qaeda Muslim stronghold, and report that the so-called pirates were Muslims. Of course we have seen this before. In the 1800's Muslims of North Africa, known as the Barbary Pirates, were seizing American ships and cargo, and selling crews into slavery until President Thomas Jefferson sent in the Marines in February of 1804.

Then we have the Muslims who cut the heads off three Christian school girls in Indonesia within the last few weeks.

Mark Steyn also writes in his column that in Brussels Belgian police officers are advised not to be seen drinking coffee in public during Ramadan. In some Swedish cities ambulance drivers will not go into Muslim areas without police escorts.

America too. Since September 11th the list of Muslims arrested in America for plotting terrorist activities is much longer than the majority of Americans realize.

Radical Islamists Jhadists are becoming emboldened and continue to be encouraged to fight. They're attacking France right now and Jacques Chirac is talking about a "spirit of dialogue and respect." Respect? These Islamic radicals are determined to remake Europe and the world an Islamic state and will kill all that stand in their way. Jacques Chirac and other world leaders still think appeasement is the answer! No wonder these islamic terrorists are encouraged to keep fighting. How could they not be? Every time they cut off some more heads from the torsos of Christian school girls, every time they shoot a child in the back, every time they attack a nursery in Paris, or kill a school teacher in Baghdad; every time they step up their violence against the West the leaders of the countries they hate start talking about the spirit of dialogue and respect. In Paris officials are already talking about more money, more jobs, more programs, more handouts to appease the Muslims. In America we become more divided in our support for the on going war in Iraq with every suicide car bomb.

We can't even manage to get an immigration policy that would severely restrict any and all immigration and visitors from Islamic countries. They've openly expressed their hatred of us, and their desire to see as many of us dead as possible ... and we do nothing to keep them out of our country. Profiling? No way! We can't profile. We can't treat anyone of Middle Eastern appearance at an airport security checkpoint any different than we would treat an elderly woman in a wheelchair. Multiculturalism they call it, I call it the complete loss of common sense. We got to keep an "open mind, "well when does the mind become so open that your brains have fallen out. We can't even suggest that the Judeo-Christian culture of America is in any way better than a culture of violence that permeates the Muslim countries of the Middle East and the Pacific Rim.

At some point the world is going to have to realize that we're in the middle of World War IV here, and it is a war against the Islamic Jihad. I just pray that unlike WWII the world will come to that realization before winning that battle will be too bloody to imagine.

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