Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Saddam On Trial In Iraq. Complains About Treatment To Iraqi Judge.

Saddam's trial continues in Iraq. He's being tried by an Iraqi court and by Iraqi judges. He has the privilege of counsel, something, he never gave his victims. This particular trial is for the murder of about 150 Kurds, and the testimony is quite interesting, to say the least.

Not as interesting as Saddam's behavior in the court room though. Saddam took more than five minutes to surface after the bailiff bellowed his name.

When he did show up, he cradled a copy of the Quran in his right arm. He walked with short, deliberate steps. "Peace be upon the people of peace," he said, using a traditional Arabic greeting, and raised his right hand.

A few minutes later, he complained about being mistreated by guards to presiding Judge Rizgar Mohammed Amin about having to walk up four flights of stairs, with his hands bound, because of a broken elevator. Amin said he would address the matter with court guards.

"I don't want you to tell them," barked Saddam, 68. "Order them! You are Iraqi. You have sovereignty. They are in your country. They are invaders. They are occupiers."

Isn't that some of the same arguments from the democrat party? Allegations of prisoner abuse, US soldiers are occupying a sovereign Iraq. Maybe Saddam got his notes from Howard Dean, or maybe Howard Dean gave his notes to Saddam's newest member of his defense team.

Who would that be? Former US Attorney General under Lyndon B. Johnson and Democrat whack Ramsey Clark.

This is no shock to me, Clark has a history of defending enemies of the United States. Remember back in 1985 when the Achille Lauro Cruise Ship was hijacked by Islamic terrorists and they drowned a man in a wheelchair by pushing him overboard. Leon Klinhoffer was the victims name and his family sued the Palestinian Liberation Organization. There was Ramsey Clark defending the PLO. Slobodan Milosevic is also among Mr. Clark's client list.

Now, he will try and save Saddam... As this trial goes on just remember that a lot of people on the left has been saying that the Iraq war was illegal, Iraq was better off with Saddam, we are occupying a sovereign nation and should leave. Watch how the Saddam defense will mirror these comments.

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