Thursday, November 03, 2005

What The Media Has Not Told You About The Valerie Plame CIA Leak Case.

I have gotten a lot of e-mail asking me why I have not commented on the White House CIA Leak that uncovered the identity of covert CIA Agent Valerie Plame? Some have went as far as saying that I haven't commented because the White House is guilty.

I haven't commented because their is no story here. Even if their was a story most Americans are not paying attention to it anyway. Their is no story here because nothing illegal happened here. The only thing that I will comment on about this non- story is that no one will be convicted of anything in this case.

Perhaps you don't really understand what this whole Valerie Plame thing is about. Was she or was she not a covert CIA agent? Why was Joseph Wilson sent to Africa to search out the truth about Saddam's search for uranium? You might be surprised. Why did Judith Miller sit in jail for 85 days? What story didn't she write? Cliff Kincaid writes on "The Untold Story: Joseph Wilson, Judith Miller and the CIA."

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