Wednesday, November 30, 2005

History Starts After The Civil War For 11th Graders In Nevada School.

A 15 year veteran History teacher in Carson City, Nevada, is risking his job by teaching his class about the American Revolution. Joe Enge teaches 11th grade history in the Carson City public school system. He starts his history courses with the birth of our Nation and finishes with Watergate. He has now been instructed, by the people who run this school, to begin his history lessons with post-Civil War reconstruction. He is not to teach anything about the Boston Tea Party, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Bunker Hill, the Declaration of Independence, George Washington, Thomas Paine, Paul Revere, The Revolutionary War or the debate leading up to the ratification of our Constitution. The school principal excuses this insane requirement by saying that other schools are doing the same thing. Well, unfortunately, he's right. According to a Fox News Channel report I watched, many schools around the country have dropped any requirement for American history completely!!! Others, like the school in Carson City, are just focusing on our 20th Century history, completely ignoring what came before. How are we supposed to remain a free society if we do not know how we became free in the first place? But then again maybe that is the goal in all of this.

If you have studied the post-Civil War history of this country as I have you will find that it is a history of growing federal government, the weakening of state government rights to govern themselves, increased personal dependence on government, the end of the rule of law brought about by the emphasis on majority rule, and the rise in power of politicians. See there is a reason government schools, that are ran by politicians, don't want to emphasize the self-reliance and love of freedom that dominated American culture before the Civil War. If they did that they couldn’t teach our kids the new government school template. Government is good. Government is great. All rise up in praise of government. Have no fear the Government is here to take care of you.

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