Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Why I Will Never Go To San Fransisco.

The voters of San Fransisco approved 58%-42% to make the ownership of a handgun illegal in San Fransisco. The law abiding citizens (you think criminals are going to turn in theirs) will now have to turn in their guns on April 1st. Otherwise known as April Fools Day, rightfully so because anyone turning in a gun is a damn fool!

Especially when you live in an area that could experience a natural disaster far worse than hurricane Katrina with no warning. Do the people of San Fransisco think the criminal element will just stay home after an earthquake their? That their will be no looting, no violence? After what we saw in New Orleans it is hard to believe that any rational thinking group would voluntarily disarm.... Oh... I did say rational didn't I? My bad, forgot who I was talking about.

I would be a criminal come April 1st in San Fransisco because their is no way I would ever turn in my best chance of self defense.

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