Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Re-inventing Of Saddam.

Now that the trial for Saddam Huessein has started prepare to watch the news media and the left try to re-invent Saddam into a victim and cast him into more of a positive light. After all, to show Saddam as evil and on trial is to showcase a George Bush success. The overthrow and capture of Saddam gives the war a purpose...and allows people to see him be punished.

The media has already started the makeover reporting that Saddam Hussein accepted an offer for exile in the United Arab Emirates days before the invasion, but the deal fell through because Saddam wanted some conditions. Anyways, expect the left to seize upon this as yet another reason the war in Iraq didn't need to take place. Saddam was going to leave! George Bush wanted war anyway! You can almost hear Cindy Sheehan practicing the chant right now for her Thanksgiving trip to the Bush Ranch.

This will be the new rallying cry for the anti-war crowd: Saddam was going to leave, but George Bush went ahead with the war anyway. Revising history to fit your political ideology is so easy, isn't it?

But there are some flaws with this. For one, George Bush told Saddam Hussein and his sons that they had 48 hours to leave Iraq. They could have left. They could have surrendered. They chose not to. That turned out to be a very bad move by Uday and Qusay who was granted an eternal desert sand nap, courtesy of the 101st Airborne.

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