Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Free Ride Is About To End For Katrina Victims.

FEMA has announced that it is going to cut off funds to keep Katrina "evacuees" in hotels as of December 1st. So the free ride is ending.

This is horrible news! How can FEMA do such a thing to these poor folks. Who do these FEMA people think they are? Doesn't everybody know that the Constitution guarantees the right to a hotel room if a hurricane destroys your home and you failed to have yourself properly insured. Why, how dare we expect people to take responsibility plan and prepare for these kinds of things. After all, it's not the responsibility of these people to find another place to live, it's the responsibility of the American taxpayer to guarantee them a place to live.

Here is an article from the Atlanta Journal Constitution, where a lot of these hurricane victims are staying, about the panic being felt by evacuees.

One woman says she became petrified when she heard the news. She asked her daughter "What are we going to do? Where are we going to go?"

Yesterday She attended a seminar. A job seminar? A seminar on how to perfect your resume? Nope. A housing seminar. A housing seminar on how to get more free housing.

In fact in the entire article there was not once any mention of trying to find them jobs. Not a phrase about personal responsibility. It's all about free housing -- it's all about getting other people to pay for a place for them to live. Their was also a mention of panic among charitable agencies who have been working to help these people find not jobs but free places to live.

What was I thinking? Expecting someone to take control of their own destiny by getting a job. How thoughtless of me.

In fact I predict that in a few weeks that the left will be blaming this on President Bush. They will call him and FEMA the Grinch and may even bring the racist charge back for throwing so many black families with children out on the street right before Christmas.

Never mind the fact that they gave them a free ride for nearly 3 months.

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