Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ted Turner Claims "Iraq Is Not Better Off Without Saddam."

According to Ted Turner, Iraq is not better off without Saddam Hussein. This should come as no surprise. As we have since found out, Saddam Hussein was quite the buddy of CNN for a long time. The TV network that Ted started did their best to hide Saddam's atrocities before the war started. Eason Jordan, the chief news executive at CNN, admitted it in a New York Times Column. They claim they did it to protect the lives of an Iraqi translator and other innocent people who where not on the CNN payroll. Isn’t that nice of CNN, they will withhold information to protect people on their payroll but when it comes to withholding information or even verifying that information is true to protect American Soldiers, well they cant do that.

Anyways, with good old Saddam sitting in prison Iraqis now have more areas with cleaner water, access to electricity, and schools than they did before the war. They have had free elections with voter turnouts much higher than we have here in the US. A constitution has successfully been drawn up. It must be depressing for Ted to watch us succeed in Iraq. Maybe we should cut Ted a break.....After all he probably hasn't been this depressed since the Berlin wall fell and the Soviet Union broke up. Oh, and somebody should ask him if Iraqi women were better off being raped and having no rights under Saddam or being given the opportunity to an education and freedom after his removal?

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