Monday, January 23, 2006

5 Days Til The PBR Invitational...

Can You Ride For 8 Seconds!

Hold on to your seats the PBR Fayetteville Invitational is on its way. I picked up my tickets today for this weekend. I am bringing my camera and hope to bring you some great pictures as well. So stay tuned.

It May Be The Longest 8 Seconds Of Your Life Cow Boy.
8 seconds...that is all you got to do is ride for 8 seconds. Now 8 seconds doesn't seem that long unless your trying to hang on while riding a bull. These guys have got to be nuts!!!


Earl said...

These guys are nuts??? what about you Tony??? You jump out of perfectly good Airplanes!!! Your both nuts!

Earl said...
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Billy said...

they might be nuts but you got to admit they got balls.