Thursday, January 05, 2006

It Was George Bush's Fault

There was one absolute certainty yesterday as the tragic story of the West Virginia mine disaster unfolded. By the end of the day the disaster was going to be blamed on President George Bush. After all everything bad that happens is his fault.

Well, it didn't take long. Jack Spadaro, who is the former head of the National Mine Safety and Health Academy, went on Hannity and Colmes last night to talk about the mining disaster in West Virginia that claimed the lives of 12 miners and left one in critical condition. He was asked what he made of the safety violations at the mine. His response: "This mine should have been closed."

When asked why, he said "There were too many serious violations and the record is very clear." OK that is a fair enough of a comment. So far, so good, just another interview with a mining expert on a cable news show, something we have seen all week. Then he took it to another level with the comment we were all waiting for.

When asked to explain further on why he thought the mine stayed open despite the violations, Mr. Spadaro actually had this to say: "I think it's because of the current Bush administration's policies toward mine operators and their reluctance to take the strong enforcement action that's sometimes necessary." That's right....those miners died because of, you guessed it, President George W. Bush's lack of enforcement action on mine operators. The president killed the miners!

To the left, everything is George W. Bush's fault. It doesn't matter what wrong is committed anywhere in the world...there is nothing the president isn't responsible for.

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