Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Saddam's Atrocities Exposed On Video. Veiw At Your Own Risk!!!!

As the trial of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein resumes, the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies is posting 4 videos of actual torture and murder that took place under Saddam Hussein’s regime.

FDD President Cliff May notes: “Television news, understandably, will not broadcast such videos. But they are, nevertheless, an important record of Saddam Hussein’s crimes against humanity that should be available to the public as his trial resumes.”

Now before I give you the link to these videos I must warn you. This material is extremely shocking and graphic in nature. It should not be viewed by children or anyone who thinks that such images might be to disturbing to witness.

I for one, didn't learn my lesson from watching the Al Qaeda beheading videos and I am now left with the same disgusting sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that I felt then. The images will bother me for days as the former images of torture from before did.

The video is broken down into 4 chapters.

Chapter 1 has footage of cane beating, and people being thrown off of buildings.

Chapter 2 is where it starts to get bad. It contains footage of limb amputations and cutting off toungues.

Chapter 3 has footage of executions. Everything from blowing people up to a beheading.

Chapter 4 is a video of the nerve gas victims in Northern Iraq from 1985.

Folks if there was any doubt that we were wrong for invading Iraq and taking this mad man out of power it has been completely erased from my mind.

After veiwing this video I beleive Iraq not to be just a mission of national security and fighting terrorists but also a humanitarian mission. The world should be ashamed for letting atrocities go on like this without ever doing anything about it.

People who think that Iraqis had it better under Saddam Hussein than they do now should take note: at this video that has been released that shows some of Saddam's atrocities. I warn you again, it is not pretty.

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