Saturday, January 21, 2006

Could This Be Related To The Attack Osama Was Talking About.

Last month Italian authorities arrested three Algerians who were members of the al Qaida -linked terror group GSPC.

The three were plotting attacks on ships, railway stations and stadiums in the United States in a bid to outdo the casualties caused on 9/11, said Interior Minister Giuseppe Pisanu.

The arrests made front page news in newspapers in Italy, Britain and France. But apparently the only U.S. newspaper to mention them was the Philadelphia Inquirer, in a short AP dispatch on page A-6. The AP did not mention that the principal targets of the plotters were in the U.S.

Could this have been the attack Osama was talking about in that tape the other day??? It is believed that the tape was recorded some time last month and this Al Qaeda plot was busted up last month.

Also remember that kid at Oklahoma U who blew himself up outside the stadium durring the 4th quarter of a football game. Why did he have a plane ticket to Algeria in his room.

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