Thursday, January 19, 2006

N.Y. Times caught in photo fakery

The New York Times has been caught red-handed running a staged photograph of Pakistanis near a supposed U.S. missile. The problem? The missile in the photograph is old...and unexploded. Your kidding... The New York Times, making things up again.

Never forget that the best way to look at the news is not to look at it as news but rather look at it as a product. A product that represents the viewpoints of the seller. The seller has people who put the product together. They have people who market it to you in hopes of success. They measure their success by seeing how many people they can convince into believing their point of view.

I know some will say don't you do the same thing? Yes, it is true that I am bias, there is no doubt that there is a coservative slant to the news here but unlike the mainstream media I admit my bias upfront and I have never made a story up and tried to pass it off as accurate.

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