Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Trust Us, The Tap Water Is Fine…

Never mind the bottled water were drinking, we just prefer it over the perfectly OK to drink tap water. Officials in the LA water department have been working for two years and spent 1 million dollars in a PR campaign to assure LA residents that their tap water is among the best and safe to drink. Well ... now it seems that we have learned that during those same two years the LA water department spent nearly $89,000 on bottled water for their offices.

Your kidding, the government did this??? Why I am shocked!!!! I mean all my liberal friends keep telling me this kind of thing only happens when private corporations who only care about making a buck are in charge of things and that we need government regulations on everything to prevent this kind of thing from happening.

You know I couldn’t help but to think of the government ran public school system when I came across this story. The department of education spends millions upon millions of tax dollars every year to try and convince us that the education system is getting better. They even brag about mediocre schools that aren’t so mediocre in all actuality. But what do the public school teachers think about the quality of education at the schools they work in? Just like the employees at the LA Water Department they prefer the private sector product over the government’s version. That’s right, the vast majority of public school teachers send their kids to private schools. In fact public school teachers send their kids to private schools at a higher rate than any other professional group in the country.

The employees of the LA water department know the truth. So does the government school teachers ... and they're not buying their bosses propaganda.

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