Monday, January 16, 2006

Somebody Has Got To Say It, This 15 year old got what was comming to him and No Tears Are Being Shed Here.

Christopher Penley, of Winter Springs, was accused of pulling out the pellet gun in a classroom Friday and pointing it at other students before forcing one into a closet, then leading deputies and SWAT team members on a chase that ended in a school bathroom when he raised the gun at a deputy.

Deputies responding to the 1,100-student school in suburban Orlando believed the gun was a Beretta 9mm, and didn't learn until after the shooting it was a pellet gun.

But Nation said Saturday the boy's parents were in contact with authorities during the incident Friday and were telling them that they believed Penley did not have a real gun. Nation said the boy's father went to the school to attempt to talk his son out of the situation.

"When he got to the school, they would not let him in and he was later told Christopher had been shot," Nation said.

The boy's father, Ralph Penley, was "extremely angry," Nation said. He believes that if he had been allowed to go to the school, he would have been able to talk his son out of the situation, Nation said.

I have already heard people say; I wonder what will happen to that police officer that shot that 15 year old in Florida? Well, nothing should happen to him. He did his job.

Sorry folks, but somebody has got to say it. This 15 year old got exactly what was comming to him. You can cry tears for him if you want to but there will be no tears shed here. If you aim any kind of weapon at a law enforcement officer expect to be shot. It does not matter what your age, sex, religion or race is, you will be shot.

I have heard others say; Well his parents told police that they didn't think the gun was real, they shouldn't have shot him. Yeah well easy for them to say there not looking down the barrell at the recieving end of that might not be a real gun... Sorry, but I would have shot the kid.

Then I have heard; well they should have let the father go in and try to talk him out of it. Are you kidding me. Folks this was not a lifetime tv movie where they talk the gun down to the ground and everyone cries tears of joy at the end while singing Kum-Bi-Yah. This was real life with a real life ending. Some people just can't grasp reality I guess.

The tradgedy in all of this was that no one saw the danger signs until it was too late, and if they did see them they failed to do anything about it.

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