Friday, January 27, 2006


Hell, I can't wait either. It'll make
for great blogging!!!

With George W. Bush down in the polls in his second term, you would think somebody; anybody on the Democratic side would rise to the top. Only it hasn't happened. And a new poll shows just how much Hillary Clinton will have to overcome if she wants a chance of winning come November of 2008.

According to a CNN/Gallup poll...a majority of voters say there's no way they'd vote for Hillary Clinton for president. It's a slim majority ... just 51% ... but it still doesn't speak well for her chances of living in the White House again.

What about the other 49% well, 32% say they might consider it and only 16% are in the diehard camp...they'd definitely vote for her. This is all an encouraging sign.

Perhaps people finally figured out Hillary Clinton? Maybe they realize that she is a power-hungry socialist, willing to do whatever it takes to grab power? Are they seeing through her attempts to repackage herself as a moderate on issues like religion, terrorism, the military and illegal immigration? We can only hope so.

She may have the '08 nomination all locked up, but Hillary is far from a sure thing in the general election. Thank God for that.

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