Thursday, January 26, 2006

Another Soldier's Response to Joel Stein

Yesterday I gave you my response to Joel Stein's column today another soldier sounds off with his response. Exellent response from LTC Steve Russell.

He says that Rome had its internal critics. So did Greece. But when the vast majority of Romans began to view the finer points of life as morally superior to the lower points of necessity, Roman youth lost their appreciation for what held Rome together in the first place. Soon, hired or conquered levies replaced Romans in the ranks. Why should Romans fight wars that they could not see any reason for fighting? After all, what impact did they have in Rome?

Eventually, the theory of a moral superiority in non-involvement met the cold steel of non-theoretically superior sword thrusts from Vandals and Huns that replaced Romans in the Roman empire.

This one is a must read folks.

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