Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Saddam Link To Terrorism

You would think this would be front page material in every paper across the county. Saddam Hussein was training Islamic terrorists before we removed him from power. Of course it is not, and I am willing to bet a lot of you have never even heard about this story until now.

According to Stephen Hayes of The Weekly Standard, there are new documents that have been captured from Iraq that proves Saddam Hussein was, indeed, training Iraqi terrorists in Iraq, thousands of them. The training took place at training camps inside Iraq in the four years leading all the way up to the invasion.

Of course the mainstream press has ignored this story. You have to go to The Weekly Standard website to get this information. Why? Because the news if favorable to Bush and supports his decision to get rid of Saddam Hussein. See if the mainstream media started reporting stories like this more people might actually start to think invading Iraq was the right thing to do. That makes the news simply unfit to print. So, you want more information? Here's your link!

Also, remember this top story from a while back about how we found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? It was on 10 A in the local paper here in a 2 paragraph insert world roundup brief section.

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