Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Democrats Continue Crusade For Surrender In Iraq

The new Democratic spokesman for defeat, surrender and Islamic victory was on nightline last night and as always the Pennsylvania Democrat John Murtha had some interesting things to say.

When the 37 year Marine Corp Vietnam Veteran was asked if he would join the military today...he said no, and went on to say that anyone who didn't want to sign up was justified in doing so. Ok, fine, I agree with that. That is why it is a all volunteer military. What I have a problem with is when you add this comment to other comments that Murtha has made in the recent past you get a we need to leave Iraq because we can’t accomplish the mission, our military is broken and not up to the task kind of anti war tune. When asked to comment on Murtha's remarks, the Pentagon hit the nail on the head: "We have an all-volunteer military. People are free to choose whether they serve or not." Amen!

If the Democrats' strategy for victory in 2006 continues to be trying to undermine every effort of our military, it is going to get them nowhere. Right now, Zarqawi has to be happier than a good ol’ boy with some moonshine ....He's got one of the dominant political parties in the United States making his speeches for him. Now that is a hell of a deal! The people of the United States can fail to understand this at their own peril, but: the policy of the Democratic Party under Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry and John Murtha is one of unconditional surrender against Islamic terrorism.

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