Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Quickest Way To End The Corruption

A new poll out CNN/USA Today/Gallup says that 49% of those polled think members of Congress are corrupt. Those who thought Democrats and Republicans were corrupt ran about even.

There is a way to end the corruption but not enough people want it to end. Why? Well, many Americans enjoy benefiting from the corruption of their representative of Congress. People love their legislators for "bringing home the bacon" in the form of some sort of pork barrel spending or project and reward them with their votes. How many times do Americans fall for the vote-buying schemes of one member of Congress or another?

When congress takes money from the achievers in society and gives it to those who did not earn it...that's a form of corruption. Of course they call it paying taxes and entitlements. There are Lobbyists and politicians who live off the social engineering of the tax code...that's the real source of corruption. And the one guaranteed way to shut it all down tomorrow would be to adopt the Fair Tax proposal.

Without the loopholes, tax credits and exemptions to pursue...the lobbyists on K Street would be out of business. And April 15th would be just another day. Imagine that!

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