Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Abramoff Probe Catching Democrats.

Ever since Jack Abramoff worked out a plea bargain with federal prosecutors the media and the Democrats have done their best to portray this as a Republican controversy. This is being used to paint the current House and Senate leadership as corrupt. That may be true, but there is something getting swept under the rug here. As it would turn out Abramoff had two members that are in the Democratic party on his payroll.

They are Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid and North Dakota Democrat Byron Dorgan. What are they accused of doing? Performing official acts in exchange for some sort of bribe from Abramoff. Both have returned large contributions from Indian reservations that Abramoff represented and apparently defrauded.

But will we hear about any of this from the mainstream media? Good Question. This story is from the Washington Times, not even close to being a left-leaning newspaper. The next time you see a story about Abramoff, see if the Democrats are mentioned in the article. I am willing to bet that if they are mentioned it will be a sentence or two toward the very end of the article.

Oh, and what's this I keep hearing about Hillary dumping some Abramoff money a few weeks ago?

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