Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Barrak Obama, raise taxes on the rich they don't "need" it.

Senator Barak Obama, otherwise known here as the mesiah of the Democrats, said in an interview over the weekend that, as president, he would support "rolling back the Bush tax cuts

on the top 1 percent of people who don’t need it.”

Who the hell gives Obama or the government the right to decide when I or anyone else does not need something?

Just who the hell does this anti-capitalist, liberal blow horn think he is to suggest that our government has the right to decide what people "need" of their own earnings, and then merrily set about seizing the remainder?

With his remarks Obama has shown that he has no respect for the idea of private property or the concept of individualism and hard work. He has shown his belief that we do not exist as individuals in this country, but as mere elements of a larger society which we are obligated to serve.

Shouldn't we have the oppurtunity to decide how much we need and gage it through how hard we want to work to achieve it?

Well not according to Obama. Obama believes that it is a proper role for the federal government to make some sort of a determination as to how much a specific person "needs." After the level of need is established, it is then perfectly OK in Obama's world to simply seize whatever is left over.

Barak's perfect government would seize property from those who have it, and redistribute it based on need.

In Barack's world politicians take a long, hard look at someone who, through hard work and diligence, has managed to amass wealth, and then determine just how much of that wealth that person needs. The remainder is then subject to confiscation. Why??? because liberals do not look at your income as yours. It is instead a collection of the whole that belongs to the government.

Now, in Country Boy Tony Spain's perfect world any politician who thinks that the government should play the role of deciding how much a person actually "needs" of their hard earned money, and then sets out to redistribute what is left over, is unqualified to serve in any level of government.

In Country Boy Tony Spain's perfect world you determine what you "need" and how hard you are willing to work to acquire it, and once you have earned it. It is yours to keep.

With this "money they don't need" comment Barack Obama has shown himself to be nothing more than a liberal leftist windbag that I always new he was.

Kind of think of it...Obama would make a good little Marxist.... Ever heard the comment "to each according to their need"

It is the basic principle of the communist philosophy. The full saying is actually "From each according to their ability, to each according to their need," and you thought communism died in the late 80's... think again.


Anonymous said...

You're an idiot.
Both my parents are well-to-do conservatives and they admitted last night that they were never affected by liberal president. Get your facts straight and then vent.

Heather Nordquist said...