Thursday, May 31, 2007

Here are more examples from the World War we are in.

This is a must read folks.

From Iraq to Algeria, Al-Qaeda's Long ReachSuicide Bombings in Algiers Suggest Network's Influence In Recruiting, Training North Africans to Fight at Home
Al-Qaeda has rapidly extended its influence across North Africa by aiding and organizing local groups that are demonstrating a renewed ability to launch terrorist attacks in the region, such as the triple suicide bombings that killed 33 people here last month, according to counterterrorism officials and analysts.

Turkish police capture 8 more al-Qaida suspects
Police on Thursday captured eight more suspected al-Qaida militants, CNN-Turk television reported, raising the number of suspects caught in the recent sweep against the group to 19. The eight were detained in Ankara, the television reported, without giving any other details. Police officials could not immediately be reached for comment on the report.

Turkey Seizes Syria-Bound Weapons
ANKARA, Turkey -- Turkish authorities seized weapons hidden among construction materials on a Syria-bound train from Iran after Kurdish guerrillas bombed and derailed the train, a prosecutor said Wednesday. The cargo was discovered when authorities checked containers on the train, which was attacked by separatist Kurdish guerrillas on May 25 near the town of Genc in southeastern Bingol province, Prosecutor Ismail Sari told reporters Wednesday.

Islamic terror groups using Swiss base: government
ZURICH - Islamic militants are using Switzerland as a base because of its strategic location and different legal system from surrounding European Union countries, a government report published on Thursday said. The country may also face terror attacks itself, although no concrete evidence of any plans has yet been discovered, said a report by the Federal Police Office.

Turkey bolsters troops on Iraq border
ANKARA, Turkey - Turkey has sent large contingents of reinforcement soldiers, tanks and armored personnel carriers to its border with Iraq as debate heated up over whether to stage a cross-border offensive to hit Kurdish rebel bases. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday urged the United States and Iraq to destroy bases of the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK, in northern Iraq ...

Things do not look good there. The islamofascists are looking for leverage to take over the country, and they may have found it: The average secular Turk doesn't want religious governance, but they don't trust the US and they hate the Kurds. We're between a rock and a hard place if Turkey pushes into Iraq and starts killing Kurds -- defend them and the Turks hate us, abandon them and we break faith with the fledgling Iraq. Either one is bad.

80 killed as Somalia fighting continues
At least 80 people, including many civilians, have been killed in intensified fighting in Somalia over the past two days, according to hospital sources.

Around 300 people have been wounded in the fighting - some of the fiercest Mogadishu has seen since the transitional government took over the capital in December.

there is no mention of who the government is fighting in Somalia, but let it be known it is al-Qaeda.

Russia says new ICBM can beat any system
MOSCOW- Russia tested new missiles Tuesday that a Kremlin official boasted could penetrate any defense system, and President Vladimir Putin warned that U.S. plans for an anti-missile shield in Europe would turn the region into a "powder keg."First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov said Russia tested an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of carrying multiple independent warheads, and it also successfully conducted a "preliminary" test of a tactical cruise missile that he said could

New sanctions planned against Sudan
President Bush will impose new economic sanctions against Sudan and call for a U.N. resolution to compel the country to stop stalling international efforts to halt the bloodshed in Darfur, senior administration officials said.

The new action will stiffen enforcement of existing sanctions, bar more companies in Sudan from using the U.S. financial system, and clamp down on individuals suspected of violence in Darfur where more than 200,000 people have been killed and 2.5 million people chased from their homes in four years of fighting.

Military pumps up China's influence, Pentagon says
China's modernizing military will make it a more muscular player in world events, a U.S. Defense Department report says.

China's developing capabilities "will increase Beijing's options for military coercion to press diplomatic advantage, advance interests or resolve disputes," the Pentagon says in its annual report to Congress on China.

The report says, the Chinese army is transforming itself from a force designed to fight wars of attrition on its own territory to one capable of winning short but intense campaigns against high-tech adversaries.

15 arrested in terror crackdown in Spain

Darfur Genocide Has 'Made In China' Label

These are just a few of the things going on in the world war,that does not exist. Keep denying it if you want, but the longer we take to reconize it the more bloodshed it will be to end it.


dino said...

We are on a highway to hell and Bush is driving us full throttle ahead...

sherri said...

Damn...when you lay it all out like that...damn...

you have opened my eyes...damn.

We got to do something about this before it is to late to do anything!!!

I fear we are approaching that point...

Samuel said...

Bush is in the driver seat??? more like Bush is trying to fix the road that Clinton left him...

This is what happens when you have 8 years of treating our enemies like friends and military cut backs..

Thanks Billy

sherri said...

Oh Cheese Whiz.... does it matter who is at fault... It is what it is... doesn't matter how we got to this point...

What matters is we are here and if we do not fight to resolve this we are going to be overtaken... We are going to lose our superpower status... Is that what we want???

If that is what you want then keep pointing fingers...if you want to save this great nation then I suggest you stop pointing fingers and help figure out how to defeat these bastards.