Sunday, May 13, 2007

Exciting news for the FairTax...

Congressman John Linder, author of HR 25, The FairTax Bill, sent out a press release yesterday afternoon. H.R. 25 now has 60 co-sponsors. That's the highest ever. The FairTax now has more co-sponsors than any other piece of tax reform legislation in the House. The bill currently in the House for the flat tax only has four sponsors.

This is happening all because of YOU, bottom line. You, the people have demanded it, rallied for it, and now we are seeing results.

There isn't a politician holding office in the country that can escape questions about the FairTax during any given town hall meeting. Across the nation you will find FairTax training sessions underway, where advocates better educate others on the FairTax. When constituents send a clear message to their elected officials that they are informed and knowledgeable about the FairTax, and that they want action on H.R. 25, the elected officials have no choice but to address the issue.

With every training session there are more and more people out there who simply won't accept evasive answers from their congressmen and senators. The lies that the tax would have to be at least 60%" stuff won't work any more; nor will the claims that the FairTax would put an undue burden on the poor.

Informed citizens bring more co-sponsors and support to the FairTax. Once a congressman knows he can't rely on misinformation to put off constituents he has to make a decision as to whether or not he's going to support the fair tax, or oppose it. When the ability to obfuscate through misinformation is lost, its mighty hard to explain to the voters why you oppose the FairTax bill H.R. 25.

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