Saturday, May 26, 2007

Thanks to you: FairTax now getting National Media Coverage!!!

You have done it. You have put the FairTax onto the National stage. There is now not one politician that does not know what the FairTax is, and if they say they do not know what it is they are either lieing or are not paying attention.

Here are some stories that have popped up since the rally in Columbia S.C.

Here is a nice editorial in the Augusta Chronicle about the FairTax: "A New American Revolution?" ...Hey that was my line...maybe the author has been reading My Two Cents Worth....The writer says: "The rally and march also stood out because the mainstream media hasn't really sensed how serious this movement is." Well ... that's changing, isn't it?

CNN video from outside the debate. First there are some war protesters, but then at least the last half of the video is all FairTax supporters.

FairTax Rally Gallery from Neal Boortz nationally syndicated radio talk show host and co-author of the FairTax book who was also at the rally.

Now here's one article that showed up this morning. John Boyanoski was more than fair in his coverage of the rally, but take a look at his final paragraph:

The fair tax would do away with individual taxes, but ultimately raise taxes for basic everyday goods. Critics of the tax feel that it would hinder the working poor and be more of a benefit to people with larger paychecks.

In fairness to Mr. Boyanoski I don't think he was trying to be critical of the plan .. it's probably that he hasn't studied it. He either hasn't read the book or hasn't visited to see what is really going on here. As those of you who have taken the time to become informed know, the price for everyday goods will not go up, and the FairTax does a lot more than just "do away with individual taxes."

Neal Boortz is actually working on the second book "Ansering the Critics of the FairTax."

Republicans Agree on Lower Taxes (AP STORY)Forbes, NY- May 15, 2007... outside the building, and 4000 people were taking part in a rally organized by to promote a national sales tax to replace income taxes. ...

Fair Tax Crowd Shuts Down Columbia StreetsCampaigns & Elections (press release)- Jim Arab snapped pictures and shouted for anyone and everyone to hear as he looked at the rows and rows of white-shirted supporters of the fair tax lining ...

Around the city, a sense of 'something big' (THE STATE) Supporters of replacing the federal income tax with a sales tax flowed into the Carolina Coliseum, with a few thousand people attending a rally and debate-watching event.

GOP's Silver Elephant Dinner kicks off big week for Republicans. Hannity was also scheduled to speak at pre-debate event Tuesday at the Carolina Coliseum where expected 7,000 to rally and watch the debate, said Ken Hoagland, a spokesman for the group pushing a plans for national sales tax to replace income taxes.

MSNBC- May 15, 2007 Thousands of of people -- the anti-tax group Fair Tax say they have 7000 alone -- are chanting for their favorite candidate, hollering, and banging cowbells ... 30 minutes away

Video of Neal Boortz on Fox New with Cavuto and picture of march on FoxNews

Video of Huckabee in debate talking about the FairTax

Fair Tax RallyWCSC,SC- May 16, 2007 A crowd of about 7000 came together to spread the message behind The group wants to get rid of the federal income tax system and replaces ...

Thousands gather for tax reform rally

Thousands who support replacing the federal income tax with a national sales tax have begun gathering at the Carolina Coliseum. .CNN video of outside the Koger Centerhttp://www.cnn.

Debate site draws diverse groups Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Protesters against war, taxes vie for candidates' attentionCharleston Post and CourierCOLUMBIA — If the Republicans presidential hopefuls were listening, there was plenty to hear around South Carolina's capital Tuesday as groups gathered to protest taxes, rally against the war and call for the Confederate flag to keep flying on Statehouse grounds. While only 2,000 were... Read story.

An Eyeful Of South CarolinaCampaigns & Elections (press release)- May 16, 2007Thousands of fair tax supporters, hundreds of campaign supporters, men in Confederate flag shirts, Condoleezza Rice for President stickers and a man in a ...

Republican rivals turn up heatSpartanburg Herald Journal (subscription),SC- May 16, 2007Huckabee highlighted his support for a so-called "Fair Tax." Earlier in the night, thousands of Fair Tax supporters marched around the Koger Center, ...

Hunter struggles to be noticed on GOP debate stageSan Diego Union Tribune,CA- 35 minutes ago"That was the first time I've heard him," Reynolds said at Tuesday's Fair Tax event. "Obviously he supports the fair tax. That's the only thing I know. ...

Huckabee Has Second Presidential Candidate DebateToday's THV,AR-"Fair tax, that's the first thing I'd want to do as president--put a going out of business sign on the IRS, just for them to operate. If we had a fair tax,

Spending Like John Edwards at a Beauty ShopGOPUSA,TX- Huckabee scored points by stressing the need for a fair tax. Rather than talking about a tax cut here or a tax cut there, Huckabee noted: ...

Huckabee's Edwards Zinger Sends Chris Matthews' Spittle (subscription),CA- HUCKABEE: If we had a Fair Tax, it would eliminate not just the Alternative Minimum Tax, personal income tax, corporate tax, it would eliminate all the ...

The Debate and Taxes 16 May 2007 by Ron Nehring Taxes were on the minds of those who attended the South Carolina debate last night -- one could hardly miss the impressive pro-tax reform rally put on by the group across the street -- about 8000 people. ...California Republican Blog: Updated Daily... -

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