Monday, May 14, 2007

Be a part of an American Revolution. Go to the FairTax rally.

It could be a reality, but you will have to make it happen.

Imagine on every payday you get your complete paycheck. There are no deductions. If you earn $2,000 per week, you get a check for $4,000 every two weeks.

You never have to save receipts or create any records pertaining to federal taxes.

You can invest money without paying any taxes on it.
You don't have to pay taxes on the money you earn through your investment portfolio.

You pay no taxes on any money you put in your savings account.

When you die you get to leave your entire estate, everything you own, to whomever you wish. The federal government will take no taxes from your estate. Your death is not a taxable event.

When you go to the store to buy an item, and the price tag says $19.99, you will had a $20 bill to the cashier and get one penny back. The price tag is the price.

There are four people in your household. You, your spouse and two children. At the beginning of every month you get a check in the amount of $506.00 to compensate you for the federal sales taxes that are included in the price of everything you buy; right up to the poverty level.

All in all .. not a bad deal. You keep all of the money you earn and you get five hundred bucks a month from the feds. Plus .. you only pay taxes when you spend money.
Their has never been a better chance for this to become a reality, but it is going to take effort from the people to make it happen. why??? because if the FairTax ever becomes a reality it will be the biggest transfer of power from politicians to the people since the revolutionary war. In case you have not figured it out yet, most politicians hate to give up power.
Why is this the best time??? Let's face it the Republican Party has absolutely nothing going for them right now other than the fact they are not Democrats and they know it. They have nothing to excite the base and get people to the polls.
The midterm elections proved that. Look I have been a Republican my whole life and sat out the midterm election. First time since I turned 18 that I did not vote in an election and there is nothing getting me to the polls from the Presidential candidates other than I do not want Hillary Clinton to be president.
Let one of these candidates embrace the FairTax and I will be sprinting to the polls to vote.
If we get at least 10,000 people to show up in Columbia S.C. for the FairTax rally it will send a clear message to the candidates that this is a winning issue. Anything less than that and I fear they will write the issue off as something they can ignore.
I'm truly hoping that I can say on Wed. morning that the Carolina Coliseum was jam packed last night with more than 10,000 FairTax supporters.
If the turnout is large it will bring a solid message to each of those candidates that the FairTax has support -- lots of support -- and is something they really need to think about. If the crowd is small each of those candidates will be free to dismiss the FairTax as nothing more than the pet project of a few. The difference between a capacity crowd and a small showing can make a huge difference in the future of the FairTax.

I can't go to this rally because I am deployed in Afghanistan, but trust me, If I was not deployed right now there is very little that would keep me from attending this rally. I believe in this proposal that much.
So here is my plea to all of you. I am making a sacrafice for you as a soldier and now ask all of you to make a sacrifice as a civilian. I'm asking you to go out of your way to come to Columbia, South Carolina for the rally Tuesday. Columbia is just a few hours away from great population centers like Atlanta, Charlotte, Charleston, Greenville-Spartanburg, Jacksonville, Savannah and others places.
A lot of people in those cities would have no problem driving that far for a NASCAR race. I know a race would definately be more exciting, but spending a Sunday at the races throwing beer cans at Jeff Gordon after he wins again isn't going to do much to change the country. Believe me, taking a half-day, nine hours .. or however much time it takes .. to come to Columbia to be a part of this event can truly have an impact on the future of this country.
How often do you get to be a part of something like that.
As I told you .. the FairTax has a record number of co-sponsors in the House right now. The movement is growing. The detractors are taking hits. Opponents are being turned into supporters. We can do this! "But it takes effort and sacrifice.

Please ... don't assume that someone else is going to fill your seat at the Carolina Coliseum next Tuesday night. It's up to you.

Several areas of the country are arranging busses to come to the rally, and they're looking for people to fill the seats. The Tampa Bay FairTax Advocates are arranging a bus. You can click on the link to reserve your seat. There's another bus coming from Virginia Beach. You can make your reservations on that bus by emailing the FairTax district director for that area. Here's your email link: and if you are driving yourself bring a friend. Here is a link for directions and parking.


Danny said...

Great blog...I have been reading for a while...first time comment..

Anyways, just wanted to let you know we and 3 of our friends are packing up the SUV and headed to Columbia SC for the FairTax rally all the way from Watseka Illinois!!! It is about a 16-17 hour drive.

We are going to make a summer vacation out of it and head on to Charleston SC after the rally.

Thought you might like to know people are traveling from that far away.

Carla, Nashville TN said... got me to go... I can turn down your plea...

I am taking the day off of work for this...

carla, nashville tn. said...

oops...i meant can't turn down your plea....

Anonymous said...

I will go on your behalf...itis not far from Charlotte.

Stay safe...

jimbo said...

see you all at the FairTax rally!!!