Sunday, May 13, 2007

Can you spare a day to change this country?

The Columbia, South Carolina FairTax rally is already causing a bit of a buzz amongst the Republican presidential candidates. They're referring to it as "the other event."
This could be either good news, or bad news. It is completely up to you which way it goes. It all depends on the turnout Tuesday night at the FairTax Rally, which is right accross the street from the second Republican Presidential Primary Debate.
Since the candidates and their advisors are aware of the "other event," it means that they're going to be watching to see how things go.
If the rally is success ... and that is measured in the number of people who show up .... the candidates will know that the FairTax is something that deserves their attention. If the "other event" is a flop, they'll think that the FairTax is something they can safely ignore.
There is really no reason for this event to be a flop. Columbia SC is an excellent location for this event because it is so close to major cities in the South East.
You could travel to the rally from Atlanta, Ga. Charlotte, NC Charleston, SC Raleigh Durham NC Fayetteville, NC and other locations and make it back to your own bed right around midnight...

So I ask, Can you spare a day to change this country?

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Mark said...

Hell yeah I will be there...I did not even know what the FairTax was until I started reading your blog about a year ago.

Although we do not agree on a lot and I am definately a moderate democrat. I do agree, whole heartedly about the FairTax.

You know if one of these republicans ran on the issue of the FairTax I would vote republican for the first time in my life.

It should be reconized as the number one issue on the campaign because it is the underlying solution to so many of the countries problems.

The FairTax is about a lot more than Taxation. It is about economical freedom.