Monday, May 28, 2007

MTCW Pic of the Day.

Remembering A Good Friend
and a Fallen Iraq War Vet
this Memorial Day.
Spc. Marshall James (Edge)Edgerton
September 24 1976 - December 11, 2003

Spc. Marshall Edgerton was killed on December 11, 2003 by a suicide truck bombing while on guard duty in Ar Ramadi, Iraq. The blast injured 14 others and sent debris flying over 400 yards away.

Marshall died as a hero. But not just because he died for freedom or his country, but because of the actions he took right before he died. In the moments before his death, he used every last breath to warn all those around him, because he saw it coming and new he couldn't save himself. He did not choose to coward in fear, but instead chose to sacrifice himself so that others may live. He saved many lives that day, and will forever be remembered for his courage, and bravery, and for making the ultimate sacrifice for his Country, and for his comrades.
It has been 4 and a half years now since I lost my friend “Edge” in Iraq, but I remember it as if it was yesterday. It’s a day I will never be able to forget as long as I live.

Just like all paratroopers, Spc. Edgerton was aware of the dangers when he became a part of this elite group. After all the 82nd Airborne Division is one of the most deployed divisions in the military.

Spc. Edgerton loved his family and country and was one of the finest soldiers I have ever met. He served for a year in Afghanistan and had only been home for a couple of months before being deployed to Iraq. He was proud to serve his country. He was the type of guy that would always be there ready and willing to help no matter what.

I leave you with the airborne creed in memory of Spc. Edgerton who believed in it and lived it better than most.

I am an Airborne Trooper! A PARATROOPER!

I jump by parachute from any plane in flight. I volunteered to do it, knowing well the hazards of my choice. I serve in a mighty Airborne Force- famed for deeds in war- renowned for readiness in peace. It is my pledge in all that I am- in all that I do.

I am an elite trooper- a sky trooper- a shock trooper- a spearhead trooper. I blaze the way to far- flung goals- behind, before, above the foe's front line. I know that I may have to fight without support for days on end. Therefore, I keep in mind and body always fit to do my part in any Airborne task.

I am self- reliant and unafraid. I shoot true,and march fast and far. I fight hard and excel in art and article of war. I never fail a fellow trooper. I cherrish as a sacred trust the lives of men with whom I serve. Leaders have my fullest loyalty, and those I lead never find me lacking.
I have pride in the Airborne! I never let it down!

In peace, I do not shrink the dullest of duty, not protest the toughest training. My weapons and equipment are always combat ready... I am neat of dress- Military in courtesy- proper in conduct and behavior.

In battle, I fear no foe's ability, nor underestimate his prowess, power and guile. I fight him with all my might and skill- ever alert to evade capture or escape trap. I never surrender, though I be the last.

My goal in peace or war is to succeed in any mission of the day- or die, if need be, in the try. I belong to a proud and glorious team, the Airborne, the Army, my country. I am its chosen, with pride to fight where others may not go- to serve them well until final victory.

I am a trooper of the sky!
I am my nations best!
In peace or war I never fail. Anywhere, anytime, in anything- I AM AIRBORNE!
May you rest in peace my dear friend...and I will see you went I get up there.
I know we will be in heaven, because we have already been to hell...

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2Jacks said...

Hello! I just came upon your site while searching for something about Edge for Memorial Day. You did an excellent job with your posting for the remembrance of Edgerton. Edgerton worked with my husband in 82nd Sig. He was truly a great "communicator" all the way to his last breath. My husband always says,"Signal soldiers bleed orange!" Edge proved that to be true. We will never forget Edgerton!

MSG Lonnie and Angelica Null