Thursday, May 31, 2007

Speaking of Israel...Fred Thompson puts his two cents worth in.

Fred Thompson, I am not running for President, but really I am, has a column out today titled: Living in terror. Great read about the situation in Israel.

Thompson starts off the column asking a hypothetical question. What do you think America would do if Canadian soldiers were firing dozens of missiles every day into Buffalo, N.Y.? What do you think our response would be if Mexican troops for two years had launched daily rocket attacks on San Diego -- and bragged about it?

I can tell you, our response would look nothing like Israel's restrained and pinpoint reactions to daily missile attacks from Gaza. We would use whatever means necessary to win the war. There would likely be numerous casualties on our enemy's side, but we would rightfully hold those who attacked us responsible.

Thompson then goes on to say 13,000 rockets have been launched into Israel over the last two years and explains the situation. The ending of this column is the best part, because he ties the whole situation to Iran, and he is exactly right.

The irony is that Israel has the military might to easily win the war that is being waged against them today. They haven't used that might, in the past, out of compassion for Palestinian civilians and because it could trigger a wider regional conflict.

He left out because Israel's Western allies have convinced them not too.

That balance of power is about to change, though. If Iran develops nuclear weapons, the very existence of this tiny nation of Israel will be threatened. The Iranian regime has left little doubt that it intends to see Israel "wiped off the map.” Hamas is using the same language, not coincidentally, and has announced it will begin launching missiles into Israel from the West Bank too.

If the world doesn't act to stop Iran's nuclear ambitions, it must be prepared for the consequences of Israel defending itself.

If there is any doubt in your mind we are not already in World War...let this happen. Israel will remind us all that we are.

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Jimbo said...

I always knew I liked this fred run... Thompson 2008...let conservatism take back the White House.