Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fort Dix terrorists were here illegally

It turns out that the three of the Muslims arrested in connection with the terrorist plot to attack Fort Dix are, in fact, illegal aliens. There is no documentation that they came into this country, which means that they were smuggled across the border. It was not the Canadian border either. It was the Mexican border...And not only that, but they have lived in the United States and enjoyed the benefits of being U.S. citizens for 23 years, since 1984.

No surprise here. I have been telling you for years that border secuirty is vital to our national security. It is not just mexicans comming accross the border looking for work. Although, that is a problem in itself.

What is it going to take to secure the borders? How long before a nuclear bomb is brought in across the border and detonated in a major city? Is that what it will take to close off the border?

It is amazing to me that we do not see border secuirity as part of the war we are fighting.

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