Monday, May 28, 2007

Repost from Sat...Operation Gratitude: See what these folks are doing for the troops.

This Memorial Day weekend, while most folks are heading to the beach, Operation Gratitude will be kicking off one of its biggest events of the year, what the group's founder, Carolyn Blashek, calls their "Patriotic Drive." The drive will have the group packing boxes starting this weekend and running non-stop until July 1--boxes that will be shipped to American servicemen in Iraq throughout the summer.

All the products they ship are donated by major corporations and individuals from around the country, BUT the postage on each box is $9.15, and Blashek says "there's nothing we can do about it, except pay it." She says the group's overhead only adds about 50 cents to the cost of each package, but that the value of each package is somewhere between $100 and $120. She needs $1.2 million just to cover the group's postage, and they've still got a ways to go.

If you have a friend or family member serving in Iraq, you can head to the website and request that the group send them a package. I'm sure they'd be extremely grateful for any donation you can make as well. And if you want to see your donation at work, Fox News will be covering the kick-off all afternoon Saturday.

Click here to go to the Operation Gratitude website, and click here to donate.

Hat tip to the Weekly Standard.

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