Thursday, May 31, 2007

MTCW: Pic of the Day

We are living in the most dangerous times the world has ever seen!
MSNBC asks the most important question of the times.
Yes! We are! It is time we realize it. In fact I think that we are truly in a world war already . Some are calling it World War III, yet others are calling it World War IV as I do. World War III was the cold war, but it doesn't matter.

What does matter is that history will record whether Western Civilization survives and Islam be defeated, or is it just a given that Islam will succeed because we lack the desire to survive?

I truly don't know whether or not we have the stomach or the will to win this war...

So many just can't see the facts on the table. We are fighting an enemy accross the globe that wants to wipe out Western Civilization and replace it with the rule of Islamic law...that is the terrorists stated goal.

Currently, there are more than 100 "hot wars" being fought accross the globe with one definite muslim force on one side and a definite non-muslim force on the other. They are happening in the Middle East, the Phillipines, Somalia, the horn of Africa...and that does not take into consideration terrorists activites throughout Europe, and places like Thailand.

Iran, wants the bomb, has said they want to destroy Israel, Britian, and the United States. North Korea pretty much has the bomb and could sell it to the highest bidder.

These are the most dangerous times the world has ever seen. Yeah, the Cold War was scary, but Nuclear Weapons in the hands of people willing to commit suicide for their cause. It doesn't get more dangerous or scarrier than that.

The only thing scarrier is our inability to react to any of it, before it is to late.

Today I will post some of the things that really should be of the greatest concern to us.

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