Monday, May 28, 2007

Freedom is not have heard the saying before, but what does it really mean?

Well it is once again Memorial Day. The holiday that opens up the summer season across the United States. For most of us it was a three or four day weekend.

Some will enjoy family and friend barbecues, outdoor picnics, and parades. Others will hit the water and enjoy the day at the lake or on the beach.

Maybe you all ready had your fun this weekend at Indianapolis to watch the greatest spectacle in racing or went down to Charlotte, North Carolina to enjoy the Coca Cola 600, the longest race of the nascar season and you are just relaxing today.

While you are out there enjoying the extra day off do not forget to take the time and reflect on why you had the long weekend in the first place. Reflect on the sacrafices that have been made throughout history and continue to be made today so that you can enjoy freedom. Remember that we are a nation at war and there are troops in harms way who have given up there weekend so that you could have yours.

We continue to lose soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan in the war on terror. If you know family members or friends of these fallen heroes you owe them a special thanks today for the sacrafices that they have made.

Before I enlisted as a paratrooper in the US Army to fight terrorism. I thought I knew and understood the phrase "freedom is not free," afterall I had heard it my whole life.

After being in Iraq and now Afghanistan with my fellow paratroopers and participating and witnessing first hand the sacrafices that are made I now know how little I actually knew about the phrase. "Freedom is not free" is not just about the ones that gave their life or the ones that were wounded. It is also about the soldiers who make it back alive but will never be the same person they were before they left. Its about missing a child being born, their first birthday, or graduation. "Freedom is not free" also refers to a mother who worries sick everyday that her son or daughter will be ok. It is about the army wife who stands proud and takes care of the homefront as she waits for her soldiers return. It is about the couples who's relationships will never be the same again. It is about all the sacrafices made not just by Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines, but by family members, friends and everyone that their lives effect. That is what "Freedom is not free" really means.

This weekend we remember veterans from all wars. We remember the greatest generation of WWII and their sacrafices and how they saved the world from tyrany. Let us not forget this generation that is fighting for the same thing. Let us not forget that like it or not, the world is governed by the overwhelming use of force, always has been always will be. Let us be thankful that we enjoy freedom because we have a volunteer military who are willing to make huge sacrafices and ready to use force to defend freedom.

So, If you know a veteran or a family member or friend of someone who served or gave there life in the service of our country, try to thank them for their sacrafice. And if you are a veteran or a family member or friend, then let me say thankyou for the sacrafice that you have made for the good of all humanity. "Freedom is not free" but it is worth the cost. May God Bless You.

Some say freedom is free, will I will have to disagree. I say freedom is won from the barrell of a gun.... ~ From An Army Cadence.

Country Boy Tony Spain.

No news or politics today folks. It is all about honoring those who need to be honored. The men and women of the U.S. Military, past and present. Make sure you thank a veteran for his service and sacrafice today.

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