Thursday, May 31, 2007

Israel to ready public for 'all-out war'

With Iran racing toward nuclear power and IDF preparations for the possibility of a conflict with Syria and Hizbullah in high gear, the Home Front Command plans to launch a publicity campaign to prepare the public for war.

Yes, looks like Israel has had enough and rightly so. It is almost do or die time for Israel for they have just about givin up everything they can to their enemies. Let's hope that we stay out of their way this time and let them go after their enemies.

It amazes me that we reserved the right to go after our enemies, but always tell Israel to back off.

Signing peace treaties and giving up ground to terrorists state ran organizations is not ever going to win Israel peace. All it will do and has done is make their borders disappear until they are gone.

The world is ruled by overwhelming force, always has been, always will be. It is time we allo Israel to use some of that overwhelming force.

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