Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bush's Low Approval Ratings Is Not About Iraq.

President Bush’s poll numbers are down. So, this week George Bush began a series of speeches to try and get his approval rating back up. It appears that his main focus to do this is going to be to talk about the war on terror and the Iraq War. We have seen this method before; the American people start to loose patience with the Iraq War, President Bush goes out and gives some speeches about it and the poll numbers go up.

However, I am just not sure that it is going to work this time. In my opinion, President Bush’s low approval rating has less to do with Iraq than he thinks it does. For me it has nothing to do with Iraq.

I have my differences with President Bush but not on Iraq. I am still a supporter of the Iraq War. Even if we never find a weapon of mass destruction I still support the war. Saddam Hussein was in direct violation of 3 UN resolutions. That alone gave us justification to dispose of him.

Also, no matter what the media wants to say, Saddam had direct links to Al Qaeda and would have re-started his weapons program the day the inspectors left. If we had not taken him out we would have paid the price in the long run.

But, right now if you were asked me whether I approve or disapprove of the way George Bush is handling his second term in office, my only honest answer would be not really. If I had the chance to spend the day with the President there are a few things I would like him to explain to me.

1. Why is it that he hasn't found one single bill worthy of a presidential veto during the past five years? Is this an indication that over the past five years the Congress of the United States hasn't passed one single solitary piece of legislation that George Bush considered to be contrary to the principles of our Constitution, or excessive in any way?

2. Why did he sign the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform act? Especially after he said that he thought the law was unconstitutional, but he signed it anyway. Now our right to political free speech is in serious jeopardy.

3. Why has government grown and spending increased faster during his administration than any other time in history. Why did he set all-time records for government spending increases during the first three years of his presidency? And that is not even counting the cost of the war.

4. Why on Earth did he team up with Ted Kennedy and come up with No Child Left Behind that doubled spending on the Department of Education, a Department Republicans had pledged to eliminate six years before he was elected. The spending hasn't helped. The quality of education has steadily decreased during the past six years and why hasn’t he ever mentioned anything about school vouchers? Something that he once said he was in favor of…

5. As the President of the United States how can you just sit back and watch the Supreme Court make a horrendous ruling in the Kelo v. New London case on eminent domain and not even comment on it. Not even make a statement about the ongoing attack on private property rights?

6. Where are you at on the FairTax??? The American people are ready for some real tax reform. Where are you??? Are you for the FairTax? Against it?

7. Why on God’s green Earth hasn't he gave an executive order to FEMA to set aside their no common sense regulation that says they can not put a trailer in a potential flood area and get every vehicle with a trailer hitch in Arkansas to hook up to one of those trailers and yank the damned things down to New Orleans to provide housing for police, firefighters and any American citizen who wants to work to rebuild that city?

8. Why has he absolutely failed to do anything at all about the invasion of illegal immigrants flooding into our country across our border with Mexico? Why hasn't he called for a full federal investigation of charges that armed and uniformed Mexicans are firing on Border Patrol agents?

I am sure I could think of many more things to ask, such as his prescription drug plan that is going to be one of the biggest nightmares we have ever seen. I guess you could really say that my main problem that I have with the President is his lacking of leadership on domestic issues. Of course, that is my problem with the Republican Party as a whole. They are the majority party but they continue to act like there the minority party. When you have a Republican majority that is unwilling to support ideas like Social Security reform and isn’t helping to take a real strong stand against the opposition on any other reforming idea… what’s a guy to do?

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