Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Teacher Unions Are Killing the Public Schools

A great piece by columnist John Stossel on how the Teacher Unions Are Killing the Public School System. He shows just how much power the teachers unions have and how they do not award good teachers with any kind of incentive to be good teachers.

He focuses on the New York Public School System some of this is just shocking. Like the story about the teacher who wrote a sexual e-mail to a 16 year old student. He admitted to writting the e-mail, they had a copy of the e-mail and it still took 6 years of expensive litigation before the teacher was fired. During those six years, he received more than $300,000 in salary.

He didn't teach durring that time, but the school district had to pay him, because that is what is required under his contract.

In fact hundreds of teachers the city calls incompetent, racist, or dangerous have been paid millions to sit in empty rooms where they put the teachers they are afraid to let near the kids. The teachers go there and sit, hang around, read magazines, and waste time. The city pays $20 million a year to house these incompetent teachers.

Oh and lets not forget the fact that these teachers are getting paid the exact same amount as the teacher who actually cares about educating kids and is busting their butt everyday, providing they have the same amount of time in the school system and if they have been there longer they get paid more. You just got to love teacher unions don't yeah.

20 million a year, this is just one school district. Some one please tell me that the propblem with public schools is that they need more money.

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