Sunday, March 05, 2006

Is A "Tet Offensive" Like Attack Comming From Al Qaeda In Iraq?

According to CBS News, government officials are reporting that they've learned Al-Qaeda is planning a major attack in they're calling "The Big Bang." Al Qaeda is under the assumption, thanks to the mainstream media, that if another major attack or a series of attacks take place....the country might be pushed to the brink...and the United States will be blamed.

So now Abu Musab al-Zarqawi sits back and waits for the prime time to strike. He knows that the war is not fought on the battlefield, but in the arena of public opinion. Islamic fanatics on both sides in Iraq expect the United States to provide absolute security in that country. When we don't, Zarqawi is hoping a civil war breaks out or that the people of the US and the world believe one is breaking out.

And when and if that happens....he also knows that the mainstream media in the United States, including the Democrats in Congress, will be standing by, to help his cause. All he has to do is make the war in Iraq look like a lost cause....then he'll run the Americans right out of that country forever. Sound familiar… it would be just like the “Tet Offensive” during the Vietnam War.

The only questions is, will President Bush and the Republicans have the back bone to stay the course in an election year if Al Qaeda's Big Bang works? Let's hope so.

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