Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Poll Numbers Fail To Match Anti War Protester Attendance After 3 Years In Iraq.

Well, we hit the much-publicized 3 year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq and the overthrow of Saddam Hussein this week. If you believe the media, Iraq is a lost cause...a failed adventure that has erupted in civil war. The left's prescription for what's happening over there: we should just get out, bring the troops home. According to the media and their so called polls the American people agrees with them and they were going to show us this weekend when they hit the streets to protest the war.

Headlines leading up to the weekend read: Tens of Thousands Plan to Protest Iraq War. How disappointed they must have been to find that most rallies didn’t even have an attendance of over a thousand. Only 200 showed up in New York City, 800 in Japan, 1000 in Toronto and Hollywood. Here in Fayetteville they had close to a thousand which was 3000 less than was expected. One of the organizers said the poor turnout was “an example of plain American apathy, people would rather be out working in their yards.” Maybe, that is because they just do not agree with your anti-war message.

For months now we have had poll after poll telling us that the American people no longer support the Iraq war. Then we have an organized campaigned effort to protest the war and the poll numbers just don’t match the number of protesters. Who are they polling??? They have never polled me; in fact I don’t know anyone that they have polled and I have asked several of people and have yet to find anyone that has been polled. So who are they polling???

One thing is for sure; who ever they are polling they believe their numbers. They were so sure of their numbers they honestly thought that tens of thousands were going to come out this weekend and express their shared hatred for this President and the war and after they didn’t show up the media still believe their poll numbers and they run this headline: Quite Disapproval of Bush Marks Third Anniversary. They still think there is this hatred for Bush and the war. They just can’t accept the reality of what is going on.

The fact of the matter is for 3 years now the media has been trying to turn public opinion against this war the same way they turned public opinion against the Vietnam War and they have not been able to do it. No matter how hard they try they just can not get an anti-war movement going like they did during the Vietnam Era.

During the Vietnam War when the poll numbers where like the ones we have now the protesters matched the poll numbers. There were protests everyday, college campuses had to be shut down across the country there were so many of them. Today we had more college kids give up their spring break to help out in the aftermath of Katrina in the Gulf States than we did go to an anti-war rally and the media just can not accept it.

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