Thursday, March 16, 2006

French Youth Need Some Cheese For Their Whine

We had some more riots in France this week yesterday. The rioters were students at dozens of French universities who are upset at an attempt to reform the labor laws. The controversy is something called the First Employment Contract. This is a new law that allows employers to hire young people under the age of 26.

France has a big problem with youth unemployment. The unemployment rate for young people in France is over 20%. In some high-immigration (AKA Muslim) neighborhoods the rate is 40 percent. Why is it so high? Because it is nearly impossible to fire them after they are hired. The way the labor laws are in France once you hire them it takes a constitutional amendment, permission from the European Union, a bad year for Bordeaux and hell to freeze over before you can fire them, no matter how incompetent, stupid or lazy they prove to be. Employers don't like to hire unproven workers when they can't later get rid of them for poor performance, it is to high risk ... so the younger workers go unemployed.

The solution seems easy enough; a simple change in the First Employment Contract rules would work. The change will allow an employer to hire young people under a contract that can be terminated within two years without explanation.

Of course that is no good to the French youth who have learned to completely rely on laziness and government dependency from a socialistic welfare state. This causing the student riots. These young fools have been conditioned to expect the protections of the great French social welfare state, and the very idea that they might have to prove themselves during the first two years of their employment causes them great anxiety and distress ---clearly giving them reason to attack the police.

Just like always they want some cheese for their whine. Isn’t it a wonderful day not to be French.

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