Friday, March 17, 2006

Good News From Iraq Continues To Be Ignored.

There are a lot of good stories coming out of Iraq that the Main Stream Media will simply not report. They would rather tell you made up stories about a non existent civil war instead. Many of these reporters never even leave their hotel rooms in the green zone until something blows up, then they run out and report it like this is what is happening 24/7 in Iraq.

Well, I prefer to get my news from Iraq from people who have actually been there away from the comfort of a hotel room. Actually out their everyday, 24/7 seeing what is really happening.

My friend just returned from Iraq. He says things are going a lot better than expected. The Iraqi Soldiers are making excellent progress and that they are now running over 65% of the operations in Iraq. He said that Iraqi troops are also doing an excellent job in joint operations with US troops as well. Here is what I found the most surprising about what he told me though. In some parts of Iraq 100% of all military operations have been turned over to the Iraqi Military. He says things are going so well that his unit came home 4 months ahead of schedule and several units staged to come into Iraq from Kuwait were sent home as well. The future looks good for Iraq.

Now that is some news you will never see in the Main Stream Media. My friend also gave me a website that reports on what is really going on in Iraq. This is where I will be getting a lot of my news from Iraq from now on. Here is your link to the webiste of the Multi-National Force-Iraq

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