Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Illegal Immigration Is An Invasion.

Here's how bad things are along the border with Mexico. If the 24-county region along the border were considered the 51st state, it would be first in federal crime, second in tuberculosis and near the bottom in education and income.

What is the main cause of this? Illegal immigration… A study done by the University of Texas in El Paso says that this is how the rest of America may look in 30 years if the pace of Illegal immigration remains the same.

Folks, I am all for legal immigration it is illegal immigration that I am against. My mother is an immigrant from Mexico but she didn’t swim the river to get here either. She didn’t break the law of our land to get here. Illegal immigration is nothing short of an invasion in my eyes. Oh well, as long as “they do the jobs Americans won't do,” Who cares, right?

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