Monday, March 27, 2006

Tony's Monday Morning Rant:Illegal Immigration Reform Protest.

New segment at MTCW. Since I am not going to blog on the weekends anymore I find myself building up steam over the weekend. So to open the release valve and blow off some steam here is Tony's Monday Morning Rant: Warning the following comments are the written expressed rage of the author right off the top of his head... proceed with caution.

Did you see all the protesters in the streets over the weekend??? 500,000 in L.A. alone protesting illegal immigration reform... Out there waving there Mexican flags... I can't but help and wonder how many of them were illegal aliens...oh bad, illegal immigrants, can't say aliens anymore. My guess is quite a few, if not most of them were illegal immigrants. Breaking our laws to be here but hey that doesn't matter. The rule of law doesn't matter anymore. If it did matter these people would not have been on the street protesting because they would have been to scared to show up in fear of being deported. Why are we allowing this??? Where is our law enforcement agencies, they are suppose to be enforcing the laws of the land. Where is the President??? Part of his job as President under the provisions of the constitution is to ensure the laws of the land are enforced... But then again, screw the constitution, no one follows it anymore anyways right??? This may very well be the time in our country that we will all look back on and say this was the begining of the end of the greatest nation ever handed over to free men.

One of the biggest arguements in favor of "amnesty" otherwise known as the "guest worker program," is that there are too many of them already here, there are no way that We could round them all up and deport all of them. We don’t know where they are… Really…looks to me there were hundreds of thousands of them condensed into one area to protest this weekend, illegally I may add this weekend. We could have started checking people for green cards right there. No green cards then they are out of here. These people are breaking the law all before everyone’s very eyes. I don’t understand what is so hard to understand about that.

President Bush keeps saying that we need these immigrants to keep our economy going because they do the work that Americans will not do. Why won’t Americans do the work??? I will tell you why. It is because the United States Government promotes laziness through government entitlements and the welfare system. You don’t think so??? You need to look no further than the Hurricane Katrina victims. Most of them were dependent on government before Hurricane Katrina and have never been self sufficient a day in their life. These people have not done one thing to improve their situations or their lives on their own. They lived in hotel rooms paid for by the tax payers and government housing for over six months and they continue to just sit back, wait and expect the government to provide shelter and take care of them. Their whole lives have been nothing more than relying on a dependency of government from the cradle and will continue too the grave. Let me tell you that a lot of these illegal immigrants have learned rather quickly that they can hop on the welfare gravy train as well.

Another argument I continue to hear is, well we need them to help keep prices low. If we don’t let them work here we will be paying 10 dollars for a bag of oranges. My friends, we are already paying 10 dollars for a bag of oranges.

We are paying to educate illegal immigrant’s kids in our public school systems. These children make it even harder and add additional stress to an already failing public school system because they do not know the language. The quality of education is lowered so that they can learn at the same pace. Our economy of the future will pay dearly for it.

We are paying additional healthcare cost for illegal immigrants, and additional costs in welfare and other entitlement programs.

We are paying for it in increased crime as well. 29% of all the inmates in prison in the US are illegal immigrants. That is 29% more prison space for sex offenders, drug dealers, and other felons that get lighter sentencing because prisons are overcrowded.

Look, I support immigration, legal immigration. I don’t believe in building a wall and never letting anyone in again. I come from a family of immigrants just like everyone else. Unless you’re Native American your roots come from some other country. Some families have been here for generations others have not. My mother is Mexican, born and raised in Jalisco State, Mexico but she didn’t break the laws of the United States when she came here either. She came to the US legally, learned the language, became a US citizen, got her GED, went to Junior College and lived the American Dream. She, I, and several other Americans ask that other immigrants who wish to come here respect the laws of our land, come here legally, and take full advantage of the opportunities that awaits them.

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