Friday, March 10, 2006

The Nuclear Sites Targeted in Iran

Institutions that could be bombarded through air attack information comes from Mehran Riazaty: a former Iran analyst for the Central Command of the Coalition Forces in Baghdad.

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1. Saqhand: The uranium mine which was discovered on 1985 in this city. The extraction from this mine will begins this year. Every year 120,000 tons of uranium rocks will be extracted from this mine (60 to 50 tons of uranium). City of Saghand is located northeast of Yazd province in central Iran desert (Kavir).

2. Ardekan Unclear Fuel Facility: Preparing yellow cake by crushing uranium rocks. Ardakan is the second major city of Yazd province of Iran. Ardakan is 60 kilometers far from Yazd and it has a dry weather.

3. Gchine Nuclear Facility: There is a Uranium mine in Kahin city. There is also facility for crushing uranium rocks. This facility produce 24 ton of yellow cake very year. Gchine is located in the south of Iran, near Bandar Abbas.

4. Isfahan Uranium Conversion Facility Headquarters: In this facility, yellow cake first converted to pure yellow cake, then to Hexafluoride, and after that to oxide-Uranium. Isfahan is located about 340 km south of Tehran. Isfahan is largest city after Tehran and Mashad. Its population in 2000 was 2,040,000.

5. Natanz Uranium Enrichment Facility Headquarters: Sunday Telegraph reported that new building was built in this site which could be used for enriching uranium for military use. Natanz is located between Isfahan and Kashan in central Iran. The facility is reportedly 100 miles north of Esfahan, and is located in old Kashan-Natanz, near a village called Deh-Zireh, itself located about 25 miles southeast of Kashan, and falls under the jurisdiction of the Governor's Office of Kashan.

6. Teheran Uranium Enrichment Facilities: There are also research laboratories and electronic machines in Tehran’s facilities.

7. Bushehr Nuclear Facility: Russian built a light water reactor in Bushehr which begins to work this year. This site could produce plutonium for military use. Bushehr is a major city and one of Iran's chief ports, is located 400 kilometers south of Tehran, in south-eastern Iran on the Persian Gulf.

8. Arak Heavy Water Nuclear Facility: The heavy water research reactor is located in city of Arak. Arak is 150 miles south of Tehran. This reactor could eventually produce plutonium for atomic bomb. The Arak is about 154 miles southwest of Tehran. The Arak Heavy water plant is actually about 32 miles northwest of the city of Arak on the highway leading to Khondab.

9. Anarak Nuclear Facility: In this site Iran is keeping its nuclear wastes.Anarak is the smallest city in Isfahan province. Anarak, a city of about 4000people is located at the edge of the Kavir loot and about 85 Km from the city ofNain.

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