Friday, March 17, 2006

Operation Swarmer: US Launches Massive Air Assault In Joint Operation With Iraqi Soldiers.

The US launched a massive Air and ground Assault in a joint operation with Iraqi troops yesterday. 1500 troops, 650 from the 101st Airborne and 850 Iraqi troops along with 50 war planes and 200 tactical vehicles swept the town of Samarra in the terrorists infested Sunni Triangle. It was one of the largest operations carried out in the 3 year war.

Lt. General Peter Chiarelli, commander of coalition forces in Iraq, shed some light on just how much progress has been made training the Iraqi military. The general stressed the operations was primarily conducted by Iraqi forces and said that such a joint mission wouldn’t have been possible 11 months ago.

The General also said that we can expect more operations like this in the coming months as US forces continue to hand over control of urban areas to Iraqi forces.

By the end of the Summer Iraqi forces are expected to have assumed complete operational control of 75% of Iraq. Currently the Iraqi forces have complete control of under 50 percent of Iraq.

Of course the main stream media had to throw in their Bush bashing question of the day: Do you think the timing and scale of this operation was politically motivated??? Let me translate: Was this operation ordered by the President because of his falling approval numbers and his falling support for his handling of the war???

Give me a break… This is why I despise the main stream media. First off you can’t just plan an operation like this in a matter of days or even weeks. This had to take some serious long term planning. Especially being a joint operation with Iraqi troops. Think of the language and cultural road blocks that had to be overcome to even consider an operation like this.

We are trying to win a war against Islamic terrorists and the media thinks it is all for political gain.

Anyways, the overall operation continues on but so far the operation appears to be pretty successful. They have found several weapons caches including 350 mortar rounds, 49 rocket propelled grenades, 14 rockets, six artillery rounds and uncovered a substantial amount of IED making materials.

They also have captured and detained 40 insurgents, in other words 40 terrorists, in the operation.

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