Thursday, March 09, 2006

High School Teacher Compares Bush To Hitler, Says US deserved 9-11...and other shocking things..

Dr. Walter E. Williams reveals the shocking statements of one Colorado High School teacher.....words that could have been spoken by any Al-Qaeda leader.

Michelle Malkin is ALL OVER THIS —with must read transcripts.

So is Jason Smith.

Colorado high school student records his geography teacher’s anti-Bush / Israel rant in class.Story here with audio and video links HERE.

Audio also HERE.

Simply amazing... I mean I knew this stuff was happening in colleges but high schools!!!

Anyways, read the transcript, listen to the audio and then use the contact information below if you wish to vent.

Overland High School website –

Teacher Jay Bennish contact info – 747-3780

School principal Jana Frieler – 747-3880

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