Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Jhad Against The West Continues Off The Battle Field.

It seems that if islamic fundamentalist terrorists can not win on the battle field they will try to win politically. There latest trick was rioting over cartoons, and it seems that it might be working. Most of Europe and some people here are already considering putting limitations on the press about what they can print or say about Muslims.

David Warren has written an exellent column that really sums it all up. He says that Americans don't really understand what is coming our way And what would that be? Radical Islam, it has swept accross Europe and is making its way here. He says that the so-called "Danish cartoons" were a red herring from the start. It was a fake issue trumped up by Muslims to stoke outrage. He calls it the most important thing that has happened since the Al Qaeda attack on the United States, in 2001.

And Kathleen Parker says that just because you might be a bit Islamophobic, it doesn't mean that you are wrong. It is a warning sign and we better pay attention to it.

Muslims in Baltimore want two Islamic holidays added to the school calendar. What if the Baltimore Board of Education says no? Are you beginning to get the big picture here?

The Ilslamic Jhad against the West continues on and they are now using political correctness as their weapon.

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